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History of Brussels

Brussels History

Brussels great prestigious landmarks and attractions speak about Brussels more vividly and transparently. Brussels is synonymous of the word history.

The city Brussels' birth took place in 9th century. At that time, the city was under the rule of Charles of France. A Fort was built during his reign, a great historical temptation of the city even now. Brussels functioned significantly as a city. But the popularity of the city Brussels grew more as an active trading port. Later the city flourished along with its fragrance being a bold resting as well as relaxing destination on the way to channels. As a result, population started multiplying on this city.

Art boomed and commerce & trade flourished in the city Brussels by 14th century. Grand Palace and City Hall both represent the Flemish designed architecture. Brussels' history does not reveal a city of roses, but history marks the thorny period of time in Brussels as well. Plague emerged as an epidemic and killed city's half population in 1489. Once again plague took malignant shape in 1578.

Brussels was invaded by France in 1695. Hot winds of loot, fire and immense attacks were witnessed by Grand Palace and Royal Palace of the city. French rulers enslaved Brussels for about a century. Thereafter took place revolution and the city got liberty in 1830.